Follow You Anywhere

Podcast series of IBC Pastors


Cameron Theodos and Jeremy Holley were connected when they followed God's call to serve at Immanuel Baptist Church in Pace, Florida. Jeremy followed God's call by moving his family from Arkansas to Florida to serve as the Lead Pastor at Immanuel, while Cameron followed God's call by moving his family from Louisiana to Florida to serve as the Worship Pastor at Immanuel. The heart behind the podcast is to explore what it truly means to follow God anywhere. Following God anywhere doesn't just apply to a physical move, although that is what brought Cameron and Jeremy together; it also applies to every aspect of our daily lives. Through this podcast we'll explore what it means to truly follow God anywhere in our day to day as we pastor a church, lead our families, make financial decisions, parent, and so on. We hope that you'll join us as we explore how to follow God in all aspects of how we live. 





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