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our vision

Immanuel Baptist Church Vision

Vision: We will passionately pursue those both near and far from Christ through preaching, missions, and evangelism because we believe that Jesus is the world’s only hope, the Bible is God’s Word, and eternity is at stake. We will celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will do; and invite others to join us in our celebration.


Mission: Invite, Believe, Celebrate


I - Invite

Grow IBC through evangelism, intentionality, and hospitality:

  • Invite the lost (Evangelism)

  • Invite family/friends/coworkers (Intentionality) 

  • Be inviting (Hospitality)


B - Believe

Unite IBC around 5 core beliefs:

  1. The Bible is God’s Word

  2. Jesus is the only hope for the world

  3. We’ve been called to make disciples of all nations

  4. God is able

  5. Eternity really is at stake


C - Celebrate 

 Worship with IBC in celebration of:

  • What God has done

  • What God is doing

  • What God will do

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