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Registration is open twice a year, in January and August. 

Do you want a closer walk with the Lord? Are you searching for a group of men or women who will keep you accountable and lift you up in prayer each week?

If so, then Discipleship Groups are for you!

Discipleship Groups (D Groups) are gender-specific groups of 3-5 believers who meet weekly to discuss Scripture and encourage one another in the Lord. Each week you will commit 5 days to study a new chapter of the Bible each day. Over the course of one year, you will have gone through the entire New Testament, Old Testament or the Entire Bible chapter by chapter.


At your weekly meetings, at the location of your choice, you will recite your weekly memory verse, review your personal Bible study time via the HEAR method and answer your accountability questions.

There is a lot more that can be added to this description, but here’s what some of our leaders have to say about D groups.

​​“I love that as I study God’s word on my own that I am able to apply His word straight to my day to day life. I love doing other Bible studies, but this is unique in that I am not reading what someone else got out of the scripture, but I am opening up my heart for God to speak directly to me. I love that I can read His word and know what it says for myself. I love that I have a group of women that I can lean on in times of need and know that when necessary that they will physically get on their hands and knees and pray for me right there next to me.”

“D Group has changed my heart in so many ways. Instead of reading my Bible to check it off the to-do list, I am excited to wake up each morning and open my Bible to see what God wants me to learn each day. The accountability of the group, checking up on and encouraging one another, has been so uplifting. Learning the HEAR method has been so very empowering. Studying God’s word this way has deepened my understanding in a way I didn’t know I was missing.”

“D groups are the missing piece of discipleship in many churches today. We were never meant to do life alone and we need the support of our brothers in Christ. God has strategically placed men in our lives to challenge us to grow as students of the Word and hold us accountable for being the men that God has called us to be. Every man needs a Paul, Timothy, and Barnabas in his life. Every man that is serious about being a godly man needs to be a part of a D group.”

“No matter how long you have been a Christian, there is always more room to grow. D Groups bring another dimension for a deeper study in God’s word and growth in relationships with others desiring to strengthen their faith as well as disciple others.”

“When thinking about D Group and what it means to me, the following words come to mind: accountability, uplifting, community, encouraging, friendship, positivity, prayer partners.”

“What do I love about D Group? EVERYTHING! Studying the whole Bible chapter by chapter and committing to applying what God says to me with a group of ladies who hold me accountable is the most powerful experience of God’s plan for my life that I could imagine.”

“I love that we signed a commitment to the Lord at the beginning of our D Group journey that said, “I pledge myself fully to the Lord with the anticipation that I am entering a time of accelerated spiritual transformation.” I love how this is worded and that we are doing just that. Accelerated growth is exactly what I needed and my life is being transformed. I love these women that I am on this journey with, and I can’t wait to see how God will use the D Group ministry within others' lives in our church.”

“I love the way God is speaking to me personally. It’s like the two of us are on a journey through the Bible. I love the accountability and the strong bond and relationship that has formed between the ladies in our D Group.”

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