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Curtis Clark

Senior Adult Pastor


Curtis was born and raised in Georgia and North Carolina. He earned a BA in history from Baylor University, where he met his wonderful wife, Martha. He earned a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served churches for more than 34 years, pastoring in Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

For nearly 29 years, Curtis served as a senior pastor and now works as a generosity consultant for Generis, where he helps churches, schools, and other faith-based organizations expand their ministries. Early in life, Curtis found Philippians 4:19 to be a favorite passage. When he was young, he held onto this scripture in faith, trusting God would supply every need he had through His riches in Christ Jesus. Curtis says one of the advantages of many years is to have the opportunity to experience this and other truths in his own life. He enjoys teaching the Bible and extending Christ’s love and care to people more than ever. He loves to walk alongside his church family, grow together in faith, and share the gospel so that those who do not know Christ can discover the relationship with Him they were created to enjoy.


Curtis and Martha have been married and partners in ministry since 1987. They are blessed with two children. Their son Ty is married to Kathrine, and they have four precious sons. Their daughter, Martha Elizabeth, has made them happy by moving to the Pensacola area, where they can enjoy their love for fishing and boating together. Curtis also loves to play the piano and garden.

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